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Value-added Interconnect Partners

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Welcome to Hirose's Value-added Interconnect Partners program. This program offers the customer a Hirose authorized cable/harness assembler that can do a few pieces for proto type work to production quantity volumes.

These subcontractors will provide our customers with first class service and capabilities. This program ensures that the partner has met and continues to meet Hirose's high standard of quality and manufacturing goals.

Affinity Medical Technologies, LLC
3545 Harbor Blvd.
Suite 150
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Tel: (949) 477-9495
Fax: (949) 477-9499
Web: www.affinitymed.com
3200, 3500, DX, DXM, GX, HR10, HR30 and HR30 overmold, LX, MQ172, SR38, UX, ZX

ISO 13585 Certified

Japanse Ministry of Health Accredition

Arizona Components Co.
2901 W. McDowell Road
Suite 1
Phoenix AZ, 85009
Tel: (800) 255-5420
Tel: (602) 269-5655
Fax: (602) 278-6375
Web: www.azcomponents.com
Email: sales@azcomponents.com

DF3, DF11, DF13, HR30

UL/CSA Certified
Mil-Std 2000A
Mil-Std 202

Bay Associates Wire Technology
150 Jefferson Drive
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Tel: (650) 847-3900
Fax: (650) 327-4171
Web: www.baycable.com
Email: bayinfo@baycable.com

DF1B, DF3, DF11, DF9, DF20, GT17, HR10, HR212, HR22, HR25, HR30, LF, MQ, MXR, RM12, RP13, ST40, ST60, UX40, UX60, ZX64 ISO 9001:2000
ISO 13485 pending

Brockton Electronics
Unit #3-7157 Honeyman Street
Delta, British Columbia- V4G 1E2

Tel: (604) 952-6660
Fax: (604) 952-6669
Web: www.brockton-electronics.com

DF3, DF11, DF13, DF14, DF62, HR30

ISO 9001:2008

DF14 for 24-28 AWG

10 Skyline Dr.
Hawthorne, NY - 10532
Tel: (800) 666-0996
Fax: (800) 569-4244
Web: www.bi-tronics.com
HR10, HR10A, HR25,
HR30, JR, JRC,
MXR, RP5, RM12,
RM15, SR30
Solder only terminations

Carrio Cabling
2455 Executive Circle
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Tel: (719) 576-4571
Fax: (719) 576-5640
Web: www.carriocabling.com

DF11 ISO 9001:2008 including clause 7.3 which is design

Custom Interface
115 W. Steuben
PO Box 605

Bingen, WA 98605
Tel: (509) 493-8756
Fax: (509) 493-8754
Web: www.custominterfaceinc.com

DF3, DF11, DF13,
DF14, DF20, HR10A

DF3 for 26-32 AWG
DF11 for 22-28 AWG
DF13 for 26-30 AWG
DF14 for 26-32 AWG

Digi-Key Corporation
701 Brooks Avenue South
Thief River Falls, MN - 56701
Tel: (800) 344-4539
Tel: (218) 681-6674
Fax: (218) 681-3380
Web: www.digikey.com

A3B, DF3 (female),
DF4, DF7, DF11,
DF13, DF22
Hand tools for A3B and DF4.

Automatic tooling for:
DF3 for 24-28 AWG
DF7 for 16-18 and 20-22 AWG
DF11 for 24-28
DF13 for 28-30 AWG
DF22 for 14-16 AWG

Gater Industries
4400 Dell Range Blvd.
Cheyenne, WY 802009
Tel: (307) 635-4166
Email: info@gaterindustries.com
Web: www.gaterindustries.com
A3B, DF1B, DF3, DF11, DF13, DF14, DF19S, ISO 9001:2008
International Component
Technology (I.C.T.)
230 E. Dyer Rd. Suite K
Santa Ana, CA - 92707
Tel: (714) 545-8855
Fax: (714) 545-8506
Web: www.intcomptech.com
A3B, A4B, DF1, DF3, DF3EP, DF9M,
DF11, DF13, DF14,
DF19, DF20, DF50A, FX15, HIF3, HR10, HR12, HR30, MDF76, MRF, QR/P1, RM, RP13, RP34, 3240

DF19 for discrete wire termination.

Mil-Std. 45208A

Intercon 1
1750 Goedderz Rd., suite C
Baxter, MN - 56425
Tel: (218) 828-3157
Fax: (218) 828-1096

A3B, A4B, DF11,
DF13, DXM, DX,
HA16, HA216, HA316,
HR10, HR10A, HR10B,
HR11, HR25, HR30,
JR, QM, RM12, RM15,
RM215, RM315, RM515,
RP5, RP13, SR30,
SR39, TM11, 1300, 1600
ISO 9001:2000

KSM Electronics
27745 Diehl Road
Warrenville, IL - 60555
Tel: (630) 393-9310
Fax: (630) 393-9314

Web: www.ksmelectronics.com

DF11 ISO 9001:2008
KSM Electronics
5607 Hiatus Road, Suite 600
Tamarac, FL - 33321
Tel: (800) 327-8914
Tel: (954) 971-5900
Fax: (954) 977-0489
Email: flsales@ksmelectronics.com
Web: www.ksmelectronics.com

A3B, DF1, DF2,
DF3, DF5, DF11, DF13, DF14, DF19, DF20, DF57, DF59, E.FL, FL, H.FL, GT1, HIF3, HNC, HR10/HR10A, HR12, HR25, PO, QR/P1, RP13, RP19, S.FL, U.FL,
UM, HR30, GT17


U.FL for the cable diameters listed below:
040 (0.8mm dia.)
066 (1.32mm dia.)
068 (1.13mm dia.)
088 (1.37mm dia.)

DF19 for discrete wire and FFC/FPC termination.

GT17-6 position

ISO 9001:2000
Quality Certified

Class III Certified


Six Sigma
Green Belt Trained

LEAN Principles Program

Value Stream Mapping

Overmold capabilities

Manufacturing Resource Group
930 Washington Street
Norwood, MA 02062
Tel: (781) 440-9700
Fax: (781) 769-3793

Web: www.mrg-inc.com

DF3, DF11, DF13, DF14, HIF3B, HIF3BA, HIF3BB, HR10, HR10A, HR10B, HR10C, HR11, HR22, Hr24, HR25, HR25A, HR30, HR34B, LF, MXR, POD(F), RM, RP, SR

ISO 9001:2008
UL and CSA

Micro Interconnects
16655 SW 72nd Ave.
Suite 400

Portland, OR 97224
Tel: (503) 992-6268
Web: www.microinterconnects.com

Micro coax termination for series such as DF36, DF38, DF56 etc.  

MJM Industries, Inc.
1200 East Street
Fairport Harbor, OH 44077
Tel: (440) 350-1230
Fax: (440) 350-1360

Web: www.mjmindustries.com

DF3, DF11

ISO 9001:2008

Overmold and solder termination

Minnesota Wire
1835 Energy Park Drive
St. Paul, MN 55108
Tel: (651) 659-6738
Fax: (651) 642-9286
Web: www.mnwire.com

HR10/HR10A, HR25, HR30, LF Series

ISO 9001: 2008
ISO 13485:2003 Compliant

Overmold and solder termination

Mountain Technologies Ltd.
35 Gostick Place
North Vancouver, BC Canada
V7M 3N2

Phone: (604) 986-9008
Fax: (604) 986-9095
Web: www.mtntech.commtntech.com
HR30, DF3, DF11, DF13


Solder and crimp termination

Park Manufacturing Corp.
555 Garfield St. S
Cambridge, MN 55008
Tel: (763) 552-2010
Fax: (763) 552-2060
Web: www.parkmfg.com

DF11, DF13, RP13 ISO 9001:2008

Paragon Manufacturing Corp.
2615 West Casino Road
Suite 4C
Everett, WA 98204
Tel: (425) 438-0800
Fax: (425) 438-0400
Web: www.paragonmfgcorp.com

DF3, DF11, DF13, DF19S,


ISO 9001:2008
ISO 13485:2003 Certified
3321 So. Susan Street
Santa Ana, CA - 92704
Tel: (714) 556-7007
Fax: (714) 751-6003
Email: RMcCleave@4pkc.com
Web: www.4pkc.com
A3B, A4B, CR8, DF1,DF3, DF3EP, DF4, DF9M, DF11, DF13, DF14, DF19, DF20, DF22, FX2B, GT8, GT17, GT17H, HIF3, HNC, HR10, HR12, HR30, NX30, RP13, RP34,
TM11, 1600

ISO9001-2008 Certified

DF9M cable assemblies

GT17 and GT17H assemblies

DF19 for discrete wire termination

HR30 crimp style
HR30 solder style

PSC Electronics
2307 Calle Del Mundo
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Tel: (408) 737-1333
Fax: (408) 737-0502
Web: www.pscelex.com

DF7, DF11, DF13, DF57
DF14, HIF6, HR10,
HR30 (solder), MRF03
RAM Electronics
1704 Taylors Lane
Suite 7
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077
Tel: (856) 864-0999
Fax: (856) 786-2244
Web: http://ramoem.com

DF11, DF13, DF14,
DF19, DF1B

Sentral Assemblies, LLC
595 Bond Street
Lincolnshire, IL 60069-4226
Tel: (847) 478-9720
Fax: (847) 478-9740

Web: www.sentral.com
DF13, RP13

ISO 9001:2008

Source One Technologies
120 Knowles Drive.
Los Gatos, CA 95032
Tel: (408) 376-3400
Fax: (408) 376-3414

Web: www.source1cable.com

DF3, DF11, DF13, DF14 ISO 9001:2008
ISO 13485:2003
UL/CSA Approved
FDA Registered


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