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The new Hirose hand tool has been designed to be lower in cost by using interchangeable die sets with a common hand tool body.  Once you have a hand tool body, additional dies can be added as your needs change.  Please note that the die set listed below will only interchange with the Hirose HRUS-HT-1 body.    

Item Order number
Complete hand tool and one die set for DF13 DF13-TB2630HC/US
Basic hand tool without dies HRUS-HT-1
Die set for DF13 w/o hand tool DF13-TB2630HC/US-DS


wpeBC.gif (17640 bytes)

Hand tool body: HRUS-HT-1

Die set: DF13-TB2630HC/US-DS

Please note: Due to the small size of the DF13 contacts, the DF13 die set has a  carrier strip feeder in addition to the anvil and crimp dies.  Carrier strip feeder is only available for the DF13 contacts.

Please contact you local distributor or Hirose Sales Rep for pricing and delivery time.  To find a Hirose distributor/Rep in your area, please click here: find Hirose Rep or Distributor

For inquiries outside of the United States, Canada, Mexico, or Brazil please inquire directly to Hirose USA at inquiries@hirose.com